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The Catherine of Siena Institute is a program of the Western Dominican Province dedicated to equipping parishes for the formation of lay Catholics for their mission in the world. Support our work to make apostolic formation and support readily available to all lay Catholics. Click the title to donate.

The Call To Christian Happiness CD Set


Christ promised his burden would be light. If you're more familiar with the burden end of that statement, it's time to experience the lightness. In this provocative, refreshingly original presentation, Fr. Michael and Sherry explore the meaning and method of Christian happiness. Drawing upon the teachings of C.S. Lewis, John Paul II, St. Thomas Aquinas, Venerable John Henry Newman, and others. Four hours - 3 CD's - Digitally mastered for clarity and quality. Includes notes and extensive outline all in an attractive bookshelf package.

Forming Intentional Disciples: Path to Know and Follow Jesus


How can we transmit a living, personal Catholic faith to future generations? By coming to know Jesus Christ, and following him as his disciples.
There are immense challenges facing the Church today.
Follow author Sherry Weddell through the steps that will help Catholics make the conscious choice to follow Jesus as his disciples, transforming parish life and ultimately the life of the whole Church.

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Listen to Sherry Weddell's recent radio interview about Forming Intentional Disciples
with Bishop Michael Sheridan of Colorado Springs


The Catherine of Siena Institute is an affiliated ministry of the Western Dominican Province dedicated to equipping parishes for the evangelization and formation of lay Catholics for the sake of their mission in the world.

At the Catherine of Siena Institute, we provide innovative programs, resources, and leadership training that are faithful to Church teaching and will enable your parish to become a dynamic center of lay discipleship, formation, and mission.

Our web site also offers resources to assist individuals who are seeking to discern their personal missions and to help clergy and other pastoral leaders who want to see dynamic Catholic apostles emerge in their parishes.

To purchase the companion study guide, click here.

"Forming Intentional Disciples: The Path to Knowing and Following Jesus by Sherry Weddell is the most important book I've read this year. That is not exaggeration or hyperbole, but a testament to the research, experience, and insight Weddell brings to the question of evangelization and catechesis in the Church today. Weddell's book is a synthesis of every deep conversation about catechesis and evangelization I've had with my local and national colleagues for the past four years."

- Jonathan Sullivan


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